Friday, February 24, 2012

Back To The Gym

Boy, do I need to hit the gym.

Before I became a father, I used to exercise a few times a week. Between jogging in our neighborhood in NYC and working out at the gym, I might exercise four times a week. (Well.. on a good week.) That all changed when Holly became pregnant.

I was still working out when we lived in New York, but it was a little less. Between getting ready for the baby and preparing to move to the suburbs, there was less and less time for exercise. Before the birth, I was able to get in a few runs here in the 'burbs, but not too many. And I never joined a gym.

I like to say I took 2011 "off" from the gym, because I hardly went at all. I can feel it, too. I don't feel as strong or as healthy as I did. Lack of sleep doesn't help, nor does my less-than-stellar diet. (When trying to get in a quick bite during nap time, unhealthy snacks are seductively quick and easy.)

The good news is, Holly and I are on the verge of joining a gym. We're finally getting into a good routine with Spencer, and we're getting used to our new roles as "stay-at-home dad" and "sole provider," and our time is a little easier to manage. We're starting to eat better, too. Now, it's time to get our bodies back in shape.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CNN Contributor Roland Martin In Trouble Over Tweets About The David Beckham H&M Super Bowl Ad

This post was originally published on my other blog, Jazz Guns Apple Pie.

UPDATE: CNN suspended Roland Martin.

When the David Beckham underwear ad for clothing retailer H&M came on during the Super Bowl, CNN's Roland Martin took to Twitter to comment on it. Now, Martin is under fire from gay rights group GLAAD.

Here are Martin's tweets:

A lot of people on Twitter responded negatively to the remark, including GLAAD. The gay rights group and Martin had this exchange:

Critics also point to a history of remarks including this piece he wrote on his website in 2006. In the post, he equates homosexuality to sinful behavior like stealing and infidelity and says his wife, a Baptist minister, "has counseled many men and women to walk away from the gay lifestyle."

On Monday, Martin posted this on his Twitter feed:
Fam, let me address the issue that some in the LGBT community have raised regarding some of my Super Bowl tweets yesterday. I made several cracks about soccer as I do all the time. I was not referring to sexuality directly or indirectly regarding the David Beckham ad, and I'm sorry folks took it otherwise. It was meant to be a deliberately over the top and sarcastic crack about soccer; I do not advocate violence of any kind against anyone gay, or not. As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, anytime soccer comes up during football season it's another chance for me to take a playful shot at soccer, nothing more.
Martin's Twitter timeline is filled with protestations that he was just talking about soccer. Even if that's the case, he implies football is a better sport because it's manlier. And because it's better and manly, it should beat up inferior and less manly sports - presumably, like soccer - and the people who like them. By saying a "real bruh" wouldn't buy David Beckham's underwear and by suggesting followers should "smack the ish [shit]" out of someone who likes the ad, he basically said my sport is better, manlier, and can kick the shit out of you and your sport.

That's if you believe he was just talking about soccer, but I don't think he was.