Friday, October 23, 2015

#StartTheWknd: Road Trip

As I wrote, we went to Boston last weekend for our first road trip since last October. We're home this weekend, but here are some road trip-related links as well as a few others to #StartTheWknd.

Road-tripping with the kids this fall? Read this.

Maybe you want a road trip without the driving..

Or a year-long road trip during which the average daily temperature is in the 70s.

Eddie Murphy hadn't told a joke on stage in 28 years, until last weekend. And it was about Bill Cosby.

"Thomas Jefferson had a hidden chemistry lab?" you ask? Yes, he did.

Road trips and music go together. The challenge on the Boston trip was to find music that Spencer likes, Holly and I like, but that doesn't have inappropriate language. His tastes at the moment seem to be poppy Top 40 (think Taylor Swift) old R&B/soul (yes, my influence), and just about anything Bob Marley. Here's a sampling of the songs we listened to on our trip.

Whether you're home or on the road, have a great weekend!

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