Friday, November 13, 2015

#StartTheWknd Super Bad

Why would someone say they're bad - or super bad? And how do answer when a four year-old asks that?

I had James Brown's "Super Bad" playing in the car, and Spencer asked me, "Why does James Brown say he's super bad?"

It's a good question. Every four-year old knows it's good to be good, and bad to bad. So, it makes sense to ask why would someone be super bad?

I told him sometimes singers say they're bad when they are just cool. They're not necessarily being bad. They're just really cool and hip, so they call themselves bad. And James Brown is saying he's super cool.. or super bad. (I didn't say that other times singers pretend to be really bad, or maybe actually are bad in real life. For simplicity, I thought it better to leave it there.)

I got silence, which usually means he took it all in. I'm sure I'll get asked again soon.

So, in that spirit of "not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good," this weekend's playlist is bad.. even super bad in some parts. And as always there are other links to click-through and read.

Enjoy the weekend. Be good.

Be bad...

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