Friday, December 11, 2015

#StartTheWknd: We'll do it LIVE!

It's been a while since I've posted a #StartTheWknd playlist. I've slacked on posting, but not on listening thanks to YouTube Music. I was skeptical about it at first ("Another music app?"), but I've re-discovered old music and found different versions of great songs - Like live performances.

I like live tracks - as you can probably tell from my #StartTheWknd playlists. When done well, a live performance can make a song sound fresh and potentially better than the recorded version. Listening and searching over the last few weeks, I found these four live performances (two of them from the 2014 Grammys) to get your weekend started.

Enjoy and make it a great weekend!

Friday, November 13, 2015

#StartTheWknd Super Bad

Why would someone say they're bad - or super bad? And how do answer when a four year-old asks that?

I had James Brown's "Super Bad" playing in the car, and Spencer asked me, "Why does James Brown say he's super bad?"

It's a good question. Every four-year old knows it's good to be good, and bad to bad. So, it makes sense to ask why would someone be super bad?

I told him sometimes singers say they're bad when they are just cool. They're not necessarily being bad. They're just really cool and hip, so they call themselves bad. And James Brown is saying he's super cool.. or super bad. (I didn't say that other times singers pretend to be really bad, or maybe actually are bad in real life. For simplicity, I thought it better to leave it there.)

I got silence, which usually means he took it all in. I'm sure I'll get asked again soon.

So, in that spirit of "not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good," this weekend's playlist is bad.. even super bad in some parts. And as always there are other links to click-through and read.

Enjoy the weekend. Be good.

Be bad...

Do you force your kids to hug relatives?

Singer Tom Jones will take a DNA test for what??

Moving your small local business.. offshore.

Your dream can still come true. NASA is accepting applications from people who want to be astronauts.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween's Tomorrow. Let's #StartTheWknd!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going to be? Enjoy these links (some Halloween-related, some not) before you and your little goblins go trick-or-treating tomorrow.

Prince joined Instagram (again). U should follow him.

Advice every parent must know (about parenting advice from the Internet).

What better place to have a horror museum?

Speaking of horror, do clowns scare you? Then don't watch this.

This playlist is freshened and updated from last year. Bob your head, tap your feet and have a great Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2015

#StartTheWknd: Road Trip

As I wrote, we went to Boston last weekend for our first road trip since last October. We're home this weekend, but here are some road trip-related links as well as a few others to #StartTheWknd.

Road-tripping with the kids this fall? Read this.

Maybe you want a road trip without the driving..

Or a year-long road trip during which the average daily temperature is in the 70s.

Eddie Murphy hadn't told a joke on stage in 28 years, until last weekend. And it was about Bill Cosby.

"Thomas Jefferson had a hidden chemistry lab?" you ask? Yes, he did.

Road trips and music go together. The challenge on the Boston trip was to find music that Spencer likes, Holly and I like, but that doesn't have inappropriate language. His tastes at the moment seem to be poppy Top 40 (think Taylor Swift) old R&B/soul (yes, my influence), and just about anything Bob Marley. Here's a sampling of the songs we listened to on our trip.

Whether you're home or on the road, have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Boston Boat Tour

We don't travel as much as we want, but Holly, Spencer and I hit the road and take to the skies as much as we can.

Last weekend, we took a road trip to visit friends in Boston. We thought we'd get crisp fall weather, but it felt wintery, as our trip coincided with a blast of cold air in the Northeast. The sun kept us warm on Saturday, though, and made the boat tour of Boston Harbor bearable. The sunshine also gave us spectacular views. Take a look at my Periscope from the deck of the boat.

Sunday was colder and we spent a lot of it inside the New England Aquarium. (I'll post some video of it in a few days.) Even with the cool weather, Boston was spectacular on Saturday!

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Friday, October 9, 2015

It's Friday. Let's #StartTheWknd

The leaves are changing (at least here in Connecticut) and fall is under way. Hope you can enjoy the cool and comfy weather this weekend. Here are some links and videos to get it started!

Are you aching to get in the autumn spirit, but the leaves aren't changing fast enough where you are?
You're in luck. A guy in Boston will send you three dead leaves.. for a price. 

Jennifer Aniston dreams of showering on an airplane.

When your child goes on a play date, do you ask if there's a gun in the home?

Chic, Chaka Khan and Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson, if you're nasty) were among those nominated for the 2016 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Get your foot tapping, head bobbing and #StartTheWknd!

The Training Wheels Are Off

Wednesday was a big day for us.

A few weeks ago, the training wheels on Spencer's bike broke. So, we decided to start teaching him how to ride without them. In a short period of time, he's able to ride on his own.

He's still perfecting his starts, braking (important!) and dismounts, but he gets better every day. The first day, though, he needed the "Mama-ejection seat." See below.

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